last night at around 1:30am my girlfriend called me, wasted, to tell me she had made out with some gay guy, and then again at 3am to let me know of her drinking-induced punishment which is probably more amusing to me than to her. hi baby. ♥

today we passed by lady liberty and visited ellis island in two dollar rain ponchos, where after exploring some of our country's roots we were attacked by several seagulls who wanted our cookies. this was funny yet also somewhat terrifying. after several miles trekking from the financial district to 14th st, and some hundred dollars spent on various items, we eventually made it back home.

i should be walking the dog, i suppose, but my feet are so unhappy that i'd rather not move from this spot at the moment. also this damn song is stuck in my head so i'm youtubing it.
  • mood: tired tired
  • music: all-american rejects- gives you hell


i did a small friends cut. i'm sorry if i took you off, even if i've known you for a while... but it's probably because i feel like we've drifted apart/don't have anything in common anymore/i barely even skim your entries. but, hey, it's just the internet, after all. take care. ♥